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Nautilus Hyosung Monimax ATM

MX4000w ATM

Nautilus Hyosung has been manufacturing ATMs for many years now. The MX4000w is one of the most innovative ATMs we sell. When you need an ATM but space is limited, the MX4000w ATM is the answer to your problems. It is designed to mount on the side of a wall. Or, as in the photos shown below, you could have the MX4000 installed on some unused counter space. The unique design allows any business with limited space to own an ATM. The MX4000w is designed for low security locations. It is meant to be installed in areas that do not require security monitoring. The MX4000 has a key lock mechanism instead of a spin dial lock or e-lock. It only weighs 110lbs. It is not intended to be installed into areas that are prone to theft.

mx4000w ATM

The MX4000 ATM is very unique among the ATMs we sell. It is a niche machine. It has it's purpose. It is a space saving indoor ATM for safe public or private locations. It has it's limitations though. The operating temperature is 41 degrees F. to 95 degrees F. It only holds 500 notes and can only dispense 20 bills per transaction, or $400.

Monimax MX4000w diagram

Monimax MX4000 ATM installed close up of MX4000w

Customer Display
8" TFT Color LCD
800x600 pixels

Modem and TCP/IP Selectable

Input Type
4 x 2 Function keys
Encrypting PIN Pad
(DES, T-DES, Unique Key)

Card Handling
Dip Type Card Reader

Cash Dispensing
1 cassette supported
Maximum 20 notes dispensed
About 500 note capacity
US $20 bills supported
Reject capacity - 20 notes

Direct line thermal
203 dpi resolution
60mm paper

Key lock

Windows CE 6.0
Illuminated topper

Power Supply
AC 110~230V, 50~60Hz

Operating Environment

Dimension and Weight
Height: 18.98" (482mm)
Width : 25.31" (643mm)
Depth : 10.93" (277.7mm)
Weight: 110lbs





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