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Nautilus Hyosung Monimax ATM

MX5300 Series ATM

Nautilus Hyosung has designed the MX5300 Monimax ATM to be the answer to your high volume ATM needs. This ATM is financial institution quality. It is made for businesses that need a reliable heavy duty machine to withstand heavy customer use. When you need an ATM that can hold thousands of notes, the MX5300 is it. Standard configuration is a single 2000 note cassette and can be outfitted with up to 4 cassettes for a total of 8000 notes. To add to the customer experience, Nautilus Hyosung equipped this ATM with a huge 15 inch color diplay.

Monimax MX5300CE

Monimax MX5300CE ATM

The MX5300 comes in two different models. MX5300CE and the MX5300XP. The MX5300CE is based on the Windows CE platform version 5.0 while the MX5300XP is powered by a Windows XP processing system for added functions. The MX5300XP specs show that the display is also a touch screen. Both MX5300 models include an electronic lock as standard equipment. Both models are designed to operate with minimum operator intervention. If you are interested in either ATM, give us a call for a price quote and availability.

Customer Display
15 inch color TFT LCD
Privacy filter (optional)

TCP/IP, Dial-up

VISA2:TCP/IP (SSL configurable) Dial-up

Input Type
4x2 function keys PCI EPP (Encrypting Pin Pad) ADA Compliant

4x2 function keys or touch screen

Card Handling
Dip Type Card Reader

Cash Dispensing
2,000 note cassette
Up to 8,000 notes (optional)
upgradeable to four cassettes

Graphical thermal receipt printer

UL291 business hour safe
Electronic Lock (standard)
KABA Mas Cencon Lock, S&G Lock (optional)
Level 1 safe (optional)

Windows CE 5.0

Microsoft® WindowsXP® platform
Application NDC+.VISA2

Power Supply
AC 110-240 V, 50-60HZ

Operating Environment

Dimension and Weight
Height: 54.4" (1382mm)
Width : 38.2" (970mm)
Depth : 41.3" (1049.1mm)
Weight: 617 lbs

1874 lbs





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